Wow... Its 60 days to go till the Olympics. It was the 11th May that I was officially selected for the Olympic team. I am absolutely ecstatic about been able to be a part of the 'Biggest show on earth' just like the Hunger Games but not so brutal,  I've read the first book after watching the film and now I'm hooked, I need to go out and buy the second book ASAP.

As well as reading the Hunger Games I have been training hard. I have been at home and the down to Lilleshall. Trying to balance archery and my personal life is hard work but I think I'm managing it ok, I'm so lucky to have a partner,family and friends that are so understanding and supportive

Talking of my partner, James, we are both buying a house together... We hope to move in in June. I will be in USA when we can move in so James will be doing the hard work of moving everything. When I get back, it will be ready.

I have just come back from the European Championships in Amsterdam. My performance wasn't Up to my usual standard but I have things to work on and feel positive about it all... I know I can do better. Naomi shot awesome and was inspiring to watch. Her and Alison have been my idols since I was a Junior and to watch them and be apart of the team for 2012 is amazing.

Right, I better get some training done

Amy xx


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