So.... just over 2 weeks till the qualification rounds and the Big Opening Ceremony! I cant believe how fast it has gone. I remember thinking I had a couple of years to go till the Olympics in London and now it is almost here! I'm so excited and I feel like I am ready for the challenge.

It was my birthday yesterday and with my birthday cards I received a lot of nice cards and messages of good luck. I was overwhelmed with them all and very happy to have people wishing me and the team well :)

James and I are settled into our new home now and it is so nice to finally have something to call our own... But in 6 days time I will have to leave to go and live in the village for a month. My Mum, Dad, Auntie Chelle and James will be coming down to watch me shoot at Lords. I guess that's what they mean when they talk about 'home advantage'. It will be lovely to be able to see and talk to the closest people in my life while I'm competing. Once the archery has finished they will go back home and I will have time to go and support other Team GB athletes while they compete. I would love to go and watch the diving, gymnastics and athletics.

Not many days of preparation left now. The whole experience is going to be once in a life time and I cant wait :)

Amz xx


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