This time last year was hard for me to look upon. I hadn’t had shot an arrow since my last match in the Olympic games and my shoulder was nowhere near strong enough to shoot. Thanks to a lot of good rehab with my physiotherapist, he helped me get strong enough to shoot again. My goals last year where hard to set- as I didn’t know how good my progression would be, or even if the operation would have fixed what was wrong with my shoulder in the first place. My goals where to be pain free, compete in the World Championships and get up to 35lbs- what I was up to at the Olympics. I made really good progress and I achieved my goal of getting to the national series and being ahead of my poundage goal weight. My rehab went soothingly well (because I worked really hard on this) and I managed to prove to Lloyd and Sara that I was shooting well enough to go to the World Champs. I was really pleased with my performance at the Worlds and as a team we managed to achieve our KPI’s. I was also really happy with my win at the National Series Final- this gave me some confidence in myself. Not only was it hard to get strength back in my shoulder, it was hard mentally. Thinking back to before my operation at the end of 2012, I was ready to stop archery all together, I was in so much pain. When I went in for the operation, I was looking forward to having it done as I knew that this was going to make me pain free! After the op and all the rehab I had to treat my shoulder as a normal shoulder and not an injured one. This was hard to do as I wasn’t using it anymore, even to get things out of the cupboard or when I was driving! Now, I bet your thinking ‘how did you shoot with so much pain?’ The answer is, with great difficulty and plenty of planning and smart training!

Now I am in such a better place- I can shoot 300-400 arrows a day, do all my strength work and not worry about my shoulder at all. This helps mentally and I can enjoy my archery- I hope it stays that way.

Amy x


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