The winter season is always and a good time to test new things, so I decided to test Eli Vanes against Spin Wings. I started shooting them indoors in Sutherland Hall at Lilleshall as it was blooming cold outside and the Spin Wings where shooting better scores then the Eli Vanes. I tested them both in 720 rounds and also group tested them. Group testing was probably the best test as the sight could be in the wrong place and you can always change your sight, right? The way I checked the group size is by measuring the group with a flexible tape measure. The best way to do this is to have a lot of arrows in an end 6-9 arrows will be good enough. It’s always helpful to have a scope with you too so if you make a ‘not so good’ shot then you can count that arrow out.

Group testing is also good to check your tune. If the groups seem to be vertical then that means that your knocking point is in the wrong place (you could also move your tiller for this). If the groups seem to be more horizontal then the best thing is to change the tension on your button. Put half a turn on or off and shoot it like that for a day while group testing. If it gets worse, then turn it the other way. Group testing could take a while 2-3 weeks in fact (that’s if you shoot everyday). We learnt this method off Adreas at the Beiter Centre in Germany a few years ago. I believe it is one of the best tools to check tune.

So anyway, back to the Spin Wing vs. Eli Vanes. The Spin Wings where shooting at least 5-10 points more in Sutherland Hall than the Eli Vanes and the group sizes seemed to be tighter. I thought then that my mind was made up.... till I shot them outside. It’s very unlikely that when shooting outside that you’re going to get absolutely perfect weather like in Sutherland Hall. In the wind, the Eli Vanes where so much better group size wise and also in score. With the Eli Vanes, I don’t seem to have to aim off as much as I do with the Spin Wings, because of this I was shooting 10-15 points more outdoors in the breeze/wind. With a lot of testing I decided that there was no question but to switch to the Eli Vanes.

In this blog I wanted to be honest about my findings between the Spin Wings and Eli Vanes as I found a significant difference in the scores and groupings. I did mention in my tweets that I was testing both of these fletchings and some of my followers wanted my findings, so I decided to write a blog about it.

I also tried the XS Wings as they were recommended by a friend but they were a lot heavier then both the other fletchings. I shot some good scores with the XS Wings but in the wind, I had to aim off a lot further and because they are so course, the rain affected them more too.

I have to be honest; when I first tried the Eli Vanes I was a little sceptical as I know a few other archers that have testing the Eli Vanes compared to the Spin Wings and found that the Eli Vanes didn’t work as well for them and I have always shot the Spin Wings. I’m really glad that I tested the Eli Vanes thoroughly because I really believe in them now. What I learnt from this is, don’t be scared to try new things as you never know!

I hope you found this blog helpful. J



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