I was having a look at my website and thinking I should really write a blog as the last one I did was about the Eli vanes vs Spin wings. Really, I couldn't believe how many people have read the blog and used what I said to choose which fletchings they use. I'm glad that I have made a difference to people’s views on something that I believe is important, but like I said in the blog, it is my opinion and I think people should try things out for themselves as everyone is different.

I didn’t really know what to write about in my blog, I tried to think 'What is going on with me at the moment?' 'What am I working on?' Well the answer to that is I am currently working on my Mental Health. Recently we have had a new Psychologist working with us. He is working with the Chimp Model which I have been using ever since he started working with us at Archery GB. I have fully thrown myself into it and I must say that it has helped me, not just in archery but in everyday life. I am a lot happier, grounded and can see a lot more perspective in life. I understand myself and others a lot more. One of my truths of life is 'Life isn’t fair'. There are things that happen in your own little world for example, your late for a meeting because someone broke down on the motorway but you set off in good time to get there, you want to go out with friends for a meal but you don’t have the money for a fillet steak and red wine like everyone else so you have the cheaper steak and drink tap water, your shooting in a changeable wind and your aiming off and the arrow goes where you aimed it- at that particular time it feels like a big thing and you get hung up on it and think about it all day. In the whole scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter- once you have perspective in your life and remember that 'life isn’t fair', you can be a happier person.

Another truth I have is 'Everyone has their own opinion' Say your in a group of people talking about archery for instance, people have a lot of opinions on arrow tuning and how and what techniques are the best (nock tuning, putting arrows in the bath to check spine, getting them Beiter checked and so on. - You can imagine the arguments on who thinks the best process is. As long as you remember, 'Everyone has their own opinion' you won’t get into the argument because you believe in the truth. Recently I heard someone in the archery world had said something nasty about me and the GB Archery Team. That we are not good enough, that we never win medals, why should we be getting all this funding for no medals? At first I really felt annoyed and hurt by these comments but then I remembered that 'Everyone has their own opinion' and it made me realise that it doesn’t matter what other people think, it is their opinion and they are not in your life and have no idea how hard I work, how many arrows I shoot, all the gym and mental sessions that go into it. Once I regained perspective, I could carry on with my life without that horrible feeling of hurt and annoyance.

I have read the Chimp Paradox book by Steve Peters. It teaches you how to get perspective in everyday life and gives you tips and tools to use when things aren’t going right in your life. This is an ongoing process and you have to work on it every day. I am no psychologist but I thought that this subject is be a good blog to do as it is something that I am working on, plus you don’t get a lot of people talking about the mental side of life.

I hope that you found this blog interesting and made you think about trying to be happier in life. After all were not on earth for very long.



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