It is 6pm after a long day of waking up at 5:20am and travelling to Lilleshall, shooting till 12 and been in the gym for two hours. I’m sat here thinking about the next three months and only the next three months because if I think beyond that, my head will explode! We have a lot of competitions coming up- which I am very looking forward to and want to do the best I can. Two weeks ago I was a part of the European Games selection shoot with other archers to name a few, Naomi, Nicky, Bryony, Sally and Vlada. It was a very windy two days on the Astroturf at Lilleshall National Sports Ground. The first day was two 720 rounds and then the start of the head to head round robins. I really like shooting with a bit of a breeze, I think it’s because of the experience I had when I was injured, I had to aim off a lot more than the other archers with me only shooting 35lbs. Now I am shooting 38lbs and I feel I can gauge the wind a lot better- but I don’t always get it right! Although I do enjoy shooting in breeze, this was no breeze! It was a case of shooting in the lulls and shooting them strong and fast. I did get caught on the line with 30 seconds to go and had 3 arrows left to shoot but only once as it scared me a little. Thank god for the 90 second round 720s we had done in training! My score wasn’t amazing, I scored 290, 307, 316, 307 and I was actually pleased with that. It wasn’t a good score by all means but under the circumstances, I think I shot well. The next day I found out I was in first place with Naomi and Nicky in 2nd and 3rd. I was aching with shooting in the wind and was feeling very tired but I was determined to do my best and shoot each arrow with my Mental Programme. My round robin matches went really well. In the 16 matches, I won 14 and lost 2 which I was also really happy about but by the end of the second day I was physically and mentally knackered. After the shooting had finished I just wanted to curl up and go to sleep but I had to drive 2 and a half hours to my home. The team for the European Games will be announced by Team GB at the end of this month.

So, one selection shoot is done and another is lurking round the corner. It is actually in 12 days time to be precise. This selection shoot will be to represent The GB Team at the World Championships in Denmark at the end of July. At the World Champs, there will be the opportunity to win quota places for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. To qualify as a team (ladies and men’s) we will have to win our first team match in the head to heads. Can you believe that some people in the archery world, who actually are British, do not believe in us? They don’t believe that we will get quota places to be able to shoot for our country at the Olympic Games. Surely, if you love the sport but are not at the highest level and cannot do the job themselves, they should support their team? Honestly, there are some negative people out there that live on ‘Planet Earth’ but I suppose it is there opinion and they are entitled to it. With all the negativity to the side, I would like to say a thank you to the people that DO actually believe in me/the team. The support I get from my family, club, friends, coaches and Face Book and Twitter followers is amazing and really does make the negatives become very small and insignificant.

It is now 6:45pm and I am late for my dinner here at Lilleshall National Sports Centre. I hope that whoever is reading this (and to my usual readers) have noticed a different style of writing? I had a good chat with a friend called JI at the Easter Shoot and he is an English, Science and I think he said Maths teacher. He taught me how to extend my sentences and make my blogs sound more interesting. I understand now why my writing is a little ‘staccato’ It’s because in my spare time I read horror books and to conjure up some tension to the reader they use short sentences. I hadn’t noticed that I did this so he encouraged me to read some books that had a lot of descriptive language in it. Another thing we talked about was that he had thought of a motto for me. It is ‘Appetent Aurum’ which mean in Latin ‘Shooting for Gold’. I was very pleased with it and I asked him to write it down for me so I don’t forget it. He said he doesn’t think there is an Olympian with their own motto that he knows of so in his eyes, I am the first J

Amy xx


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