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Hi everyone, happy new year and happy Olympic year! I hope that you all had a nice Xmas and New Year celebration. This is my first blog of 2016 and hopefully one of many for this year.

I have been testing a bow during December and January for the coming season. I decided that I didn’t want to have any regrets going into such an important year of trying to secure a spot for us at the Olympic Games in Rio, so I wanted to review all areas of my shooting. I already had a good bow set up and was shooting good scores but how did I know it was the best one for me? If I didn’t try anything else then I would never know. I am very lucky to be in a position where I could easily get my hands on a Prodigy RX to try it out, and test it in all the different ways I feel are necessary.

This blog is about my interpretation of the Hoyt Prodigy RX and how it feels for me. When I first picked up the bow and started setting it up, I was very impressed by the limb alignment system. It was very easy to do (once I got my head around it) and very effective. I love the fact that you can do it while the bow is strung and once you put a washer into the limb alignment system, it can’t move, it will always stay in that position. There is a very handy indent in the riser (underneath the grip) where you can make sure your aligning to the middle of the bow. A really helpful video by Jake Kaminski on YouTube was really useful to watch when I was setting up my bow because I wasn’t familiar with the system.

Once the limbs where aligned, my button was in the middle (standard) hole on the riser, my sight and clicker were on, tiller and bow weight checked, brace height to manufactures recommendations, arrow rest on, centre shot checked and made sure everything was tightened down on the bow, I made my first shots in my garage- blank boss.

First impressions was-WOW! The feel was awesome. First of all, the grip seemed to fit my hand perfectly so that was a major plus to the bow. After a couple of ends I could tell that the limbs where a lot softer then what I was used to, but not in a bad way, in the best way possible! The limbs had a really good reaction, quick and snappy but not too much that it is damaging to my shoulder and the poundage of the bow felt less then was shown on the scales which I was very pleased about. Once I had shot 200 arrows blank boss I re checked everything to make sure that it hadn’t moved.

Once I got to some distance I made sure my nocking point was right and did some high speed testing on my clearance and node alignment. All was pretty good with my basic set up so I decided to go with that for a couple of days till I could shoot 70m and do some arrow group testing.

I have now shot a few 720 rounds with the bow and I am more than satisfied with the results, the first 720 I scored was in Sutherland Hall and I scored 661 which was brilliant  as I hadn’t done any group testing before then. (I still have this to do)

Having shot the bow for a couple of weeks now, I feel I can shoot a lot more arrows in a session and I am not getting any niggling pains in my shoulder when I shoot which is always a good thing and  I really love the feel of the bow and the reaction after the shot.

I am really happy to say that this is the bow that I will be shooting for this season and I am really looking forward to it. I want to say a big Thank You to Dean and Doug at Hoyt for believing in me and wanting me to try and shoot Hoyt again- It’s a pleasure and I feel very privileged to be offered Hoyt sponsorship.

To my readers, I hope that you find this blog helpful and I hope you have a fun 2016 and achieve everything that you want to in your archery endeavours.

Amy xx


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