I know it has been a while since my last blog. A lot has happened since the last one. Hears a few insights of what Ive been getting up to-

Test Event at Lords Cricket Ground

I was meant to be putting short blogs onto here about our progress but I was having trouble getting Wifi from the hotel we were staying at. An overview of the Event, it was an amazing experience for me, to get the feel of how the Olympics will be run. It was nice to see so many familiar faces in the venue and I think this will give us a big boost when the Olympics come around in July 2012. In the ranking round, I came 32nd and won my first match. The second match I had was against the no1 ranked Korean. I shot the best i have ever shot in a head to head so at least this is a positive for me. My dad and James also came to watch and it was fantastic to have their support.

In the team round, we shot very good and ended up in the Bronze medal match. It was a very tight match against the Japan team but they won and we were happy with the result as we know what we need to work on for next year.


After the Test Event me and James we flew to Gran Canary for my end of season break. We went for 10 nights. It was time to relax and forget about archery (this was very hard to do). We stayed in a 5* golf resort and there wasn't many people there so it was like having our own swimming pool.


So after the holiday it was time to start training again. The gym work was the same 2x Strength sessions, 3x Core and 3x CV per week. Its not that bad because I actually enjoy the gym :) On top of that I'm shooting 5 days a week at Lilleshall and also in the house at home in the OIS (Oliver's Institute of Sport) Every Thursday we have Ladies Team day and shoot together, practicing different drills. We try and have themed days to make it more fun. :) For Christmas this year we went to the Wolverhampton Grand to watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We were very privileged to go back stage and meet some of the cast. We had our picture taken and we were very lucky to be sitting in one of the royal box's at the side of the stage. It was a funny panto, really enjoyed it.

Olympic Park

Earlier this week, thanks to Visa Team 2012 I was very honoured to go to the Olympic Park and have tour. me and some other Olympic Hopefuls went into the Velodrome and the Aquatic Centre. We also got to go into the basketball arena. It was an amazing day and got to meet some Olympians that had been and done it. I got a lot from this day, Lord Seb Coe and Tanni Gray-Thompson gave a very inspiring speech which made me think about my training and my approach to the Olympic Games in London next year.

Christmas time!!

Well, I cant believe it is nearly Christmas, this year has gone so fast! Its getting closer and closer to the Olympic selection and I'm shooting very good at the moment. I just hope that this is not the peak of my performance! Training will carry on as normal for me, even though it is Christmas. I was told, this is the time that Champions are made!!

I'm spending Christmas day with my family. It'll be nice to have everyone together as I don't get to see them that often.

So, thanks for reading and I hope you all have a awesome Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone :)

I will write back in the new year!

Amy xx

Tomorrow I will be heading to Lilleshall to do my final preparation's for the Olympic Test Event in Lords which starts at the beginning of October. I'm packed and ready to 'rock and roll'. The Ladies Team have our final unofficial practise session on Thursday before we travel down to London.

The result of the National Series Final in the Lady Recurve was 1st Charlotte Burgess, 2nd Alison Williamson and 3rd Amy Oliver. I had an awesome day and especially liked to have James as my coach and 'wingman' It was my first ever appearance at the Final and was excited to be there. 

The evening at the Youth London Games 'Hall of Fame' night was brilliant. Me and James held the Olympic Torch and had our picture took with it and joined in with some games that featured at the London Youth Games. I met some of the athletes from the games and it was so inspiring to see what they have achieved after the games. It was an honour to have been there.

I hope to be doing a couple of short blogs while I am at the Test Event so stay connected :)

Amy xx

Hello Everyone, Sorry i havent done a blog in a while but I havent really had anything exciting to write about. :(

The last few months I have been totally dedicated to the gym and shooting... working on my technique and going up in poundage on my bow. This is the main reason why I have not been attending the World Cup Events in Ogden and Shanghai. I still managed to shoot the last leg of the GB National Series with the bow set up I have now and finished in 2nd place at that competition.

I finally made it to the GB National Series Final for the first time in 3 years and I am really looking forward to it. It takes place in Liverpool in Speke Park next weekend on the 18th September. Im sure I will do a short blog of how I got on after the competition.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Norfolk Village Games Final. I said a few words at the opening ceremony and the officially opened the games. I was asked to go because Archery was one of the main sports. 3 people from each Village came and shot 12 arrows and scored them to go towards their team total. It was such a fantastic day. Everyone was up for trying out different sports to help their team win. I did a little demonstration for everyone at lunch time and it was the first time I walked off the line and had people clap for me. I finished off the day by handing out some prizes and alot of people wished me good luck which I appreciate so much- so thank you.

Next week I have been invited to the Hall Of Fame Night at Lords Cricket Ground for the London Youth Olympic Games. I never attended the games as a junior, i have been asked to go as archery is hosted at Lords Cricket Ground for the 2012 Olympics. Im looking forward to the night- me and my boyfriend James will probably be star struck :)

Thanks for reading my blog on the things I have been getting up to... :) 

Amy xx 


If I look back on the trip in Turin, I would think it was a very successful trip for me, although there are always improvements to be made. I was chatting to my dad about the trip when I got back, we were discussing how much I have come along in my shooting since the Commonwealth Games. It is true. I don't think it has much to do with the technique change but the confidence in myself and the belief that I can be one of the best. My dad is a brilliant motivator and every time I speak to him about my archery, he always seems to make me want to work harder. We were also chatting about my mental programme and how much I have had to work on it to make it right for me. It is an important tool when you want to be good at your sport. I always remember when Lanny Bashem came to Lilleshall to mentor us in our mental programmes, he asked us, 'How much do you think archery is mental?' We replied '80-90%?' Then he replied with 'And how much do you practise this in training?' Most of us said '0-10%' I was definatley 0% and from then on, I practise my mental game every time I shoot (training, competition) because when your in a high level tournament, how do you expect to do it when your full of nerves?

This was my main preparation for the World Championships.

When we arrived in Turin we had two practise days before qualification. On the practise field there were a very sneaky breeze. It didn't feel windy and the flags wern't giving it away but it was strong enough to make my arrows go in the blue. At first, I thought there were something wrong with my bow- something had moved in transit but after speaking with some of the other guys, they were having to aim off too. On official practise I shot really well and my sight marks seemed perfect, that night I was looking forward to shooting the FITA. I was confident in my equipment, my technique and also in my mental programme.

The qualification day came and I did all my preparations before the FITA and I had a pretty good 70 and 60m, I think I was in 9th place at this point- although I tried not to keep track of this so I wouldn't think about it too much and just concentrate on the job in hand. I knew I was shooting well and after 50m I thought that i would be on for a Personal Best. I shot a PB at 30m with a 352 and ended up adding 14 points onto my PB overall with 1340, I was over the moon with the score and how my shooting felt. I finished in 10th place for qualification. The Ladies Team finished in 7th place.

The men shot their qualification the day after and Larry Godfrey also shot a PB of 1352. Which meant the Mixed Team of me and Larry were ranked in 7th place.

The Team rounds where the next stage for us. We shot against the Russians. They are a pretty hard team to beat. But we shot really well with a 213 but they just got us with 1 point more. The Russian Team had a 57 end which put them into the lead. We were gutted that we didn't win, naturally but we all shot well and worked well together as a team. The Ladies Team finished in 8th place overall. The men's Team shot a good first round with the same score as us 213 and went through to shoot against the Koreans. As usual the Koreans shot amazing but our GB Men gave them a run for their money. They finished in 6th Place overall.

Next me and Larry had mixed team rounds. We both shot really well beating Mongolia and then Chinese Taipei. Our last match of that day was against Mexico. They shot well and beat us to go through to the Gold Medal Match against Korea. We went through to the Bronze Medal Match against Poland- but that match wasn't for a couple of days.

The next day we had our individual matches. I had Sara Symington as my wing man, she played a good part as she had been an athlete before and know exactly how I would be feeling. She didn't say much to me but I think that works well for me as an archer. I decided to go into my matches looking confident because really, that's how i felt. I ended up shooting well and getting through to the next day. Naomi also got through to the second day.

The next day was windy and wet and I remember having wet feet. Although the weather wasn't the best, I remembered my granddad saying to me when he shot in the rain 'its same for everyone' I was concentrating on what I had to do, get into the mental programme and shoot the arrows. Quote from Lloyd 'Pick your spot, Shoot the shot'- which I use alot when it is windy. I shot both my matches really well and was feeling confident. My match against GEO Kristine Esebua ( who ended up coming 2nd) was very tight. We both didn't shoot under 26 and I had my first 30 in an international match. It came to the last end and she really did deserve to go through. I shot a 26 and she shot better. I finished my individual with no regrets and I felt like all my preparations were good enough. I finished overall in 9th place at my first Target World Championships.

The Bronze Medal Match was an amazing experience. Both me and Larry had been shooting well all week and we had a fantastic confidence boost in practise just before the match with most of our arrows in the 10. I was nervous before the match, waiting to go into the field but then when we stood looking at the crowd as George introduced us I felt most of the nerves disappear. I knew what we needed to do and had full confidence in ourselves to win the match. We both shot great and was gaining points against the Polish Team by every end. I remember Larry saying to me ' Dont think about the score, focus on making a good shot' and all the way through the match we were just letting the shots happen. Not forcing it to be a better shot, just a regular old shot. We were both over the moon with our result and it was a fantastic feeling to have brought home a Medal from the World Championships.

My next steps now are to finish the National Series and work on my strength to get my poundage up ready for the Selection of the Olympic Games.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my time at the World Champs :) and thanks for reading

Amy xx


On the weekend commencing the 18th June I was in the North, Scotland, Penicuik for the 2nd Leg of the GB National Series. On the Saturday it was a FITA, I shot a good score of 1317 with a PB at 30m with 349. I was ranked in 2nd place after Naomi Folkard and Charlotte was in 3rd. Sunday was a 720 round and head to head. I came first in the 720 round with a 646, Charlotte second and Naomi 3rd. The weather was cold and rainy, exactly what you would expect in Scotland. The head to heads went well. I shot against Rachel Jones in the semi final who shot awesome in the first doz of the 720 round with a 109. Rachel also shot well in the quarters against me so that meant I went through to the bronze medal match against Naomi. Naomi shot amazing in the conditions. I came 4th in the head to head. In the overall ranking throughout the weekend Charlotte finished in 1st, Naomi 2nd and I came a very close 3rd.

Last week on Wednesday I went to Lilleshall to train with the rest of the Team. We shot head to heads against each other. After the simulation training I shot in Sutherland Hall and did some tuning with my bow, ready for the World Champs. Thursday was Ladies Team day. We have been practising the team round for a while now and it has been going really well. We are confident that we will do well at the Worlds.

The weekend just gone was at Lilleshall for the 3rd Leg of the National Series. The weather was meant to be warm on Saturday but ended up been rainy and cold. The first day was a 720 and a team head to head afterwards. In my team there were me, Alan Wills, Glyn Williams and Nick Everitt. Our Team was called Aurum, which is Gold in Latin (my dads idea). We ranked in 2nd place, which gave us a 5 point bonus when we shot the head to heads as part of the handicap system. The 5 points wasn't enough as we were knocked out by Nicky Hunt's team. They bet us by 1 point.

Sunday was a better day for weather, although it was windy it was shorts weather. We shot a 720 in the morning, I shot a 648 which is 3 points off my PB. I was very pleased with my performance considering it was windy. I ranked in 2nd place with Naomi in 1st with 649, Alison finished the 720 with 623. I got to the semi finals with Alison and it was a very close match. I ended up beating Alison 6-4 so I went through to the Gold medal match against Naomi. We both shot really well and it went to a one arrow shoot off. We both shot a 9 but mine was closer and I was so happy to have won my first National Series. Tracey Anderson who shoots compound, one of my good friends also got to the Gold medal match but lost out in the final and ended up in 2nd place, a good achievement for her as she had only just changed her draw length that week.

Greg Hill who is Tracey's partner makes mine, Tracey's and Naomi's strings. Only a couple of people I know that shoot his strings and cables successfully. I kind of see Greg as my unsung hero, he works really hard with his buisness making strings and every time I get a new one its always perfect. He pre stretches it for you so you dont have to shoot it in. If there are any Archers reading my blog and you havent tried Greg Hills Strings and Cables, you should :)

Thanks for reading- my next blog will be during the World Championships in Italy. We leave for the competition on the 1st July. Check back again some time after then...

Amy xx  

So, this is my first Blog. Firstly I would like to thank everyone for all the support people have given me, especially my Family and Boyfriend. They have been so brilliant and been behind me every step of the way.

This year has gone so fast and cant believe it is almost July. I have been to 3 International Competitions already.

The Grand Prix in Turkey was a good competition, I was ranked in 8th place after the qualification which gave me two byes- this was a fantastic achievement for me. I also got to shoot the Mixed Team with Larry Godfrey. We went to a one arrow shoot off in the first match against the Finnish and we went through with 19points, almost perfect score against 15 points from the Finnish. Then we met the Russians, who were ranked 4th, they beat us by 4 points. The Ladies Team consisting of Me, Naomi and Alison went through to the Bronze medal match but then was beat by the German Team by 5 points.

The 1st Leg of The World Cup in Croatia, I was ranked in 33rd place after qualification with a respectable score. My head to heads were good and I shot them really well. The number one ranked Korean Lady JUNG Dasomi knocked me out of the head to heads with an impressive 28,30,29. It was a brilliant experience shooting against the best in the world. The Ladies Team consisting of Me, Naomi and Alison shot an amazing first round against Georgia 219-211 which put us in high spirits to take on the Korean Ladies Team. They were ranked number 1 and ended up knocking us out, but we gave them a good fight.

The 2nd Leg of The World Cup in Turkey, I ranked in 27th place after shooting a very good score. I shot a Personal Best at 60meters and was only 7 points off my competition Personal Best overall which I achieved at the World Champs Selection Shoot earlier in the year. In the head to heads, I wasn't as successful and was knocked out by Karen HULTZER from RSA, although I was happy with my performance, Karen shot better then I did. We shot a respective score of 210 in The Ladies Team round with Me, Naomi and Alison but we were beaten by 3 points by the USA Team.

So that is an overview of the International Competitions so far. The next one will be in Italy for the World Championships. The Ladies Team will be Me, Naomi and Alison with the Men's Team of Larry, Simon and Alan.

National series have been quite successful. I attended both the 1st and 2nd leg and finished 3rd in both competitions which puts me to the top of the leader board overall, so far.

I'd like to finish off my First Blog by saying thank you for taking the time to read it. I hope to keep you updated as much as possible on my journey to 2012.

Amy xx


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